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From the Artist

My name is Louise Silk and I am an artist, writer, and quilter living and working from my loft in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. For over forty years, I have been creating art that combines aesthetics and functionality with meaning and memory for family, friends, individuals and organizations. My primary work is quilt-centered utilizing spiritual themes, photo transfers, recycled fabrics from old clothing, and embroidery. I share life lessons coupled with my quilting expertise through my writing and teaching, most currently with my fictional story, Tent of Protection, and my spiritual how-to book, The Quilting Path. Please let me know how my work impacts your life.

~ Louise

Want to know more about Louise? Check out her blogs on her website Bubbe Wisdom.

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The Quilting Path

The Quilting Path: A Guide to Spiritual Discovery through Fabric, Thread, and Kabbalah by Louise Silk is now available for purchase at SkyLight Paths.

Louise also maintains additional resources for the book online, including a forum in which you can discuss and share ideas from the book.

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Embark on a multidimensional journey with Louise, acquiring and honing the skills necessary to engage in quilt making as a spiritual practice. Louise augments the information from her book The Quilting Path to guide students through original quilting projects that transform pieces of cloth into family heirlooms, each with its own history, memory and significance.

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Louise specializes in designing custom quilts for individuals and organizations. Quilts are:

  • Made to clients' theme, color and size specifications;
  • One-of-a-kind and individually hand crafted by Louise;
  • Constructed in about eight weeks;
  • Priced starting at $500.00

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Memory Quilt

Cloth holds memories. It is difficult to discard. Louise offers you the opportunity to transform used clothing, textiles and personal items into a soft, useable work of art that will foster pleasant memories for years to come.

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