Deez Nites Be All Da Same To Me

Middle Matzah

Middle Matzah
35"W X 40"H
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A story in quilts in which a slave boy is brought to freedom

by Leslie A. Golomb and Louise Silk

Location of the Exhibition

Deez Nites has been exhibited at numerous locations throughout the United States:

The exhibit is available for travel by contacting Louise.

Description of the Exhibition

Each spring, Jews begin the traditional Passover holiday seder meal when the youngest family member asks: Why is this night different than all other nights? At the seder Jews remember the time they were enslaved in Egypt. During the seder and the eight days of Passover, matzah, a traditional flat bread is eaten to remember the Jews who left Egypt so quickly that their bread did not have time to rise.

This series of art quilts tells a different Passover story. Did Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Lyons Moss and their children Ernest and Ella forget what our Haggadah says: "we were slaves in Egypt"? Did they follow the tradition of opening their door to welcome the legendary prophet Elijah? What we do see is a Jewish family, settled in America, who opened their door to a slave boy. They let him in but did they let him out? Discovering this unusual paper cut of the Moss Family and Slave Boy left us no choice. We were compelled to take the slave boy out of the Moss family home and bring him to his promised land.

We will exhibit our freedom series quilts entitled "Why are these quilts different from all other quilts" not to engage in polemics, but to explore the notions of assimilation, stereotyping, and discrimination.

Brochure for the Exhibition

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